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I’m Baaack!

Wow!  This is the longest I have been away from the blog since I began writing it.  Sniff…sniff…I really missed it.  As I earlier posted, my husband was away for a week leaving me to pine away for him and take care of almost three year old Jack. 

It truly was an  exhausting week for me and it made me realize that I am a bit pampered and very lucky.  When my husband is home and not traveling, which he doesn’t normally do without me, he arrives home between five and six o’clock.  He comes in, washes his hands, kisses me hello, sits down for all of ten minutes, then takes Jack to the playground for one to two hours.  I use this time to be a bum and catch up on a bunch of shows that I have DVRed.  Every once in a while I will wash the dishes or even, if I am feeling sassy, cook dinner.

So, after a long four days away, I have decided to reflect on all the awesome things that my husband does that I often take for granted.

  1. He takes out the garbage every day without me ever asking.  This is a big deal.  We live in a walk-up and the garbage cans are located in the back of the building, down an iron staircase, in front of a wall that is lined by giant pigeons stalking the cans.  He is so brave.
  2. He enjoys going grocery shopping.  I know that secretly he wishes that he could go alone, but sometimes I like to just wander the aisles.  Not only does he like to grocery shop, but he takes real pleasure in organizing and cleaning the refrigerator before he puts the food away.  Who does that?
  3. He does the laundry.  I’m not joking when I say that I don’t even remember the last time I did the laundry.  I really don’t. It’s been years.  He also folds the laundry.  Most times I help, but he likes to fold it, so I let him.
  4. He is really on top of our car maintenance.  We are never late getting our oil changed or getting a tune-up. That may not seem that impressive, but I think it is.
  5. Most nights he cooks dinner.  Seeing that he is a chef and spends all day in a busy kitchen it truly shocks me that he is willing to come home and cook for us.  This could also mean however, that my cooking sucks so badly that even though he is tired and sick of handling food he would rather spend another half hour cooking that eat something that I prepared. Hmmmmmm.
  6. He does all the heavy lifting.  Seriously, he never lets me pick up something too heavy.  I am pretty strong.  I think I could lift him if I tried, but he won’t let me so we’ll never know.
  7. At the end of the day, he makes sure our son brushes his teeth, puts on our son’s pajamas, reads him stories and puts him to bed.

Yep, my husband rocks.  I am really glad that he is home and should remind him of this every day.  I should also remind myself every day how lucky I am.  If I had to do half the things listed above I would be even more exhausted than I normally am, plus we would be eating really crappy food and wearing dirty clothes.


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