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While Daddy’s Away

My husband has left us for six whole days!!  Oh the injustice.  He had to leave for work and this will be the longest we have been apart in almost 13 years.  Wow!  Thirteen years.  Although I miss him beyond belief, and I simply don’t know what I will do without him, and how can I survive without him here…(God I hope he is reading this) it is quite liberating having the apartment to myself after all of these years.  Yes, Jack is still here with me andour good old, geriatric cat Jabba is here too, but those hours after Jack goes to sleep are mine.  All mine! Moowaahaahaa.

Alright, last night got off to a slow start as I promptly fell asleep in Jack’s room after putting him to bed.  But I did wake up at ten and had a kick ass sandwich.  That’s right.  I live life on the edge when no one is looking.  The sandwich was so exciting that it expended all of my energy and I passed back out.  Oh well, there is aways tonight.

Tonight I plan on watching all of the shows I normally have to watch when Dan is not around.  You know, shows like The View, V, Parenthood, Cougar Town (no laughing please), and maybe a stray Oprah or Dr. Phil I have recorded.  I might even watch one of those disturbing shows on TLC about giant tumors or the Treeman. Dan is horrified that I watch those things, but for some reason I am fascinated. I have mentioned how wild I can get right?  I might even have a couple of Hershey’s Kisses on top of it all. Crazy I tell ya.

I do have to cook tJack dinner tonight though. Not something I am looking forward too.  I didn’t marry a chef for nothing.  I am sure I can pull it off, but I don’t want to.  I don’t like cooking.  Baking, on the other hand, is a favorite of mine.  If you can’t lick the bowl then it’s just not a satisfying cooking experience in my opinion.  Hmmm.  Maybe we’ll have cupcakes for dinner.  They can’t hurt right?  Bill Cosby made a pretty good argument for chocolate cake for breakfast.  Why not cupcakes for dinner.  I’ll have to think about this. 

I have five more days on my own with Jack and I am sure each night will be wilder and crazier than the next.  I’ll keep you posted.



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