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Momsense Monday’s: Ya Gotta Laugh

You really do have to laugh.  Pregnancy is a funny thing.  I know parts of it suck. Morning sickness really isn’t anything to laugh about.  But puking out of the window of your car or over the side of the subway tracks could be something to look back and laugh about.  Farting in public is quite embarrassing, but blaming others for your stinky farts is definitely hilarious.  Personally, I used to blame my students.  They never thought that I could be the one creating that foul smell that seemed to linger in the air.  Burping by far is the silliest body sound that can be appreciated during pregnancy.  Every burp is excused by all around you and you can really get wild with it if you’re brave enough.

Swollen ankles, feet and hands…all are tough to deal with, but come on, Fred Flintstone hands and feet are freakin funny.  You know that they are.  And hemorrhoids?  Don’t you remember all the times when you were a kid and probably years after that you and your friends joked about having hemorrhoids? I do.  I was lucky enough to not have hemorrhoids, and if I did I know that I would have complained, but I also know that part of me would have seen the humor in the situation and named those pesky roids!

I would like you to try something.  Every time you feel like crying because pregnancy sucks, make a conscious effort to try and laugh it off.  I know it is hard, but try it for just a day at first and see how it feels.  They say that laughter is the greatest medicine.  Sure it makes your ribs hurt and makes you sometimes pee a little or a lot, but you have to admit that you do feel so much better after your done.

This philosophy can also be applied after you’ve had the baby.  You’ve gotta laugh.

After you give birth everything changes.  That may sound like the world’s biggest cliche, but it’s true.  Everything makes you cry.  You are suddenly really anxious about things you never even noticed before and man are you tired.  With all of those things going on at once it is sometimes hard to see the humor in the backwards diaper you just put on your screaming newborn.  Finding your cats snuggled up in your sweet baby’s crib with a binky next to them is also not funny days after arriving home.  But to everyone else those are funny stories and should be shared. 

Giant blowout diaper stories are hilarious and should not only be verbally shared, but written down to use as ammo when your child is a teenager and acting obnoxious.  Try and capture a picture of the blowout if possible to really have something to hang over their head.

Bad Mommy moments should also not be taken too seriously.  Babies really are stronger than they look and are also really forgiven.  Don’t feel bad if you accidentally shoot a stream of breastmilk in their eye while changing boobs. It’s ok.  Your baby will forgive you.  And if you are not near a clean water source after your baby’s binky has fallen on the floor don’t beat yourself up too badly about wiping off the dirt and then sticking it in your own mouth to clean off any remaining dirt.  Come on…you know you’ve done it Veteran Mommies.

So, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh.  You know you wanna.  It’s ok to not take everything so seriously.  You won’t permanently screw anything up.  Don’t you want to look back at your pregnancy or your first days at home with a smile and a giggle?  I know you do.  So just laugh.



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