Big and Beautiful or Just Beautiful?

I felt like I just had to write a post about the recent Lane Bryant ad that has been pulled from ABC and FOX. The new ad features a plus sized model showing off Lane Bryant’s new line of sexy lingerie called Cacique, strutting her sexy stuff. This woman is beautiful. She is gorgeous. If I were a guy I would F-her. So, what’s ABC and Foxes problem with this ad? Sexier ads have been shown during the same time slot with, of course, no complaints. Hell, Victoria’s Secret gets it’s own hour-long show to promote it’s own line of porno wear. Why can’t Lane Bryant be shown the same respect?  Plus, their commercial is only 25 seconds long.  Do executives really think that the American public can’t handle 25 seconds of flesh that just so happens to belong to a woman who is bigger than a size zero?

Is it truly that horrible to see women who aren’t starving themselves to death showing a little skin? Or even a whole lot of skin? What is wrong with the executives of these television networks? Half naked women of any size are sexy. Am I right or am I right. Come on…you know I’m right. Naked flesh is naked flesh and what man doesn’t want to see a little of that. Bow chicka wow wow…..

Do plus sized women not deserve to feel sexy? They do and they are sexy and these dopey executives don’t realize the genius in showing an ad like this one. Look what happened when Glamour Magazine ran an article about “real” women. The spread included women who were average size posing nude and natural. They were beautiful. They were gorgeous.  They were stunning. The spread got a lot of publicity. Some people were outraged. How dare Glamour glamorize these women? The majority though, were thrilled to finally see beautiful women, not celebrities, glamorized. So they weren’t size zero. Not many women are. The point is that Glamour Magazine became a hero for many women out there that never get to see women that look like them captured in fashion magazines. Glamour’s sales went through the roof and women were asking for more, more, more. Can’t  the exec’s at these networks see that they too could be the heroes in the end as well?

If more average looking women, and by average I mean bigger than a size 6, were shown in ads and on primetime network shows, I would bet that their viewership would rise significantly. According to the blog She-conomy, 85% of brand purchases are made by women.  Wow!  With numbers like that I have to deduce that the marketing executives for large networks must truly be missing something….like a part of their brain.  Why else would they decide to exclude and offend such a large portion of the consumers that respond to their ads?  The message that they have just sent is tremendously offensive to so many viewers. 

So to all the ladies out there, size zero to size whatever, make your voices heard.  Send emails, write letters.  Let ABC and Fox know that this decision does affect you and all women regardless of their size.


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