Momsense Monday!

I am officially naming Monday’s “Momsense Monday’s” in honor of my two good friends who are about to become new mommies.  You will remember them from an earlier post, A Little Bit of Momsense .  Curly Girl is now six days past her due date and just hoping that the new baby makes an appearance soon.  Blond Mama is pregnant with twins and still has about a month and a half left to go.  Both are Super Hero’s in my opinion and will be great mom’s.
Today’s Momsense will be more for Curly Girl since she is about ready to pop.  Here we go.

1. Sign up for Fresh Direct immediately!  You don’t have a car and will need groceries.  If you sign up now then you won’t have to go through the aggravation of signing up after the baby arrives.  Trust me, once you get home you will be too distracted and tired to sign up. Do it now. They are a new city mom’s dream.  They will bring you all the staples you need including pre-packaged meals.  Oh yeah…they will also deliver cereal too.  Check them out.

2. Don’t have too many people over your place the day you come home from the hospital.  I know it is tempting to want to show off your baby immediately, but you need time to get settled in, take a shower, eat something, and attempt your first nursing session at home.

 Plus, your hormones are going to be all over the place and sometimes people, even people who love you, say stupid things like, “Why is the baby crying?”  I actually think the best answer to this question is, “Because you are here.  That’s why she’s crying.  She must not like you.”  I mean come on!  A newborn is crying because it is a newborn. Jeez.  I can’t stand that question and if you, loyal reader, have ever said it to a new mom you should be ashamed, realize the error of your ways and go back to that mom and apologize for your ignorance. Then hug her and open a bottle wine.  Cheers. 

Anyway, back to your hormones.  They will make you weepy.  They will make you anxious.  Lot’s of visitors will make you anxious and that won’t do anyone any good.  My advice when people call and want to see the baby is to tell them that you would love to see them and thank you so much for calling.  Then tell them that you need a day or to before you are ready for visitors. Done.

3. Buy some chocolate or have someone bring chocolate over. Chocolate is important.  I have no real reasoning for this except that chocolate is delicious and is especially delicious after having a baby.  M&M’s were my chocolate of choice.  They were quick and easy and I didn’t feel guilty about eating them.  All those damn colors and that crunchy candy coating just mesmerized me.  Man, I wish I had some M&M’s. Oh…and chocolate milk. Don’t get me started on Chocolate Milk.

4. Listen to your body.  If you need to lay down when you get home then lay down.  Don’t feel the need to entertain the people who have come to your place to help you.  They will be there to help you.  Let them.  Take a shower and then sit or lay down in a comfy place with the baby.  Put your feet up and enjoy the moment.  Which leads me to #5….

5. Enjoy the moment.  You will be tired and you will be excited.  You will feel overjoyed and you will feel scared.  You will feel hungry and you will feel sooo full of love.  You will be anxious and you will feel so proud. Enjoy the moment.  When else do all of those emotions and many,  many more exist at one time, to one person, at one moment?  How wonderful…



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