Please Don’t Neglect Your Toes

I woke up with the smell of the beach in my nostrils and it took every bit of self control I have, which is not a lot, not to dig out my bikini and strut around the apartment in it. For one crazy moment this morning I thought that I was ready to embark on the bikini wearing path.  I was not.  I took it out.  I looked at it.  I looked at it again. It is so pretty.  It is blue tye-dye.  How pretty.  I said that already didn’t I? It is pretty though.  I, however, did not feel pretty enough to try it on.  I utterly wimped out. I just wasn’t ready to face what I had done to myself over this long winter.  So, instead I put it away. Sadly, I must admit.  It was just so pretty.

I decided to take a different risk and wear a skirt. Yikes!  A skirt?  What was I thinking? My pasty legs were in no way prepared for the responsibilities of a skirt.  If I was going to wear a skirt then I would have to wear my flip flops as well, but that would expose my toes.  My toes!  Oh my poor, poor neglected toes.  Those little piggies are beginning to look like just that.  Little piggies. Why? Oh why can’t I just get my act together and get that pedicure I am always talking about?  Oh yeah.  I’m a mom.  I forgot. I always tell myself that I will paint the aforementioned neglected toes myself after Jack goes to sleep, but do I?  No.  By the time Jack is asleep and I have sat down it’s too late to paint them. If I did they would just stick to my sheets and I would wake up with wierd fuzz covering them.  That might actually be better than what’s going on with them now though.  My poor toes.  I weep for you.

So, out into the world I went today in my skirt and my pasty legs and unpainted, unloved toes.  I know people were staring.  I even saw an old couple pointing and snickering.  Damn you toes.  Oops.  Sorry I love you toes.  Don’t hate me. 

Orchard Beach was the destination of choice today.  Orchard Beach is the only public beach located in the Bronx.  It  is a man made beach that sits on the western side of the Long Island Sound. It is very pretty there and the water today was nice and calm and of course freezing.  But it was hot out today.  And where do you go when it is hot outside?  The beach of course.  Everyone knows this.  I packed Jack up with all of his sand toys.  Yes the pooper scooper came along for the ride.  Please don’t judge me.  We picked up my friend Meg who is due to have her first baby in a week (what a trooper) and headed out for our first trip to Orchard Beach.

We were pleasantly surprised with how pretty it was there and spent the afternoon relaxing in our beach chairs right next to the shore.  We read magazines and watched Jack dig to his heart’s content.  Meg even got a big kick out of asking Jack about his pooper scooper.  He of course filled her in on it’s rightful purpose and continued digging with it.  Jack and I dug a hole and we got properly covered in sand. 

Not to dwell on my clothing issues, but are you wondering what I was wearing since I wasn’t wearing my pretty bikini?  I would be. I can’t believe I am going to admit this and even more horrified that I even wore it in public. Alright here it goes.  God I wish I had a picture.  I wore a pair of black cut-off leggings that I usually wear underneath skirts when I go out to play with Jack and don’t want to flash the world my underpants. I just love the word underpants.  Wait…I am getting distracted.  OK.  So, I wore a pair of cut-off black leggings.  The edges of which kept curling up because they had no hem so that, of course, made them all the more flattering.  I also wore a black Target tank top.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I must have looked like I was going to go biking, or take a jazzercise class.  Do they still have those?  All I needed were a pair of black Capezios. I also looked like I was ready to take a tap class.  I love tap classes.  I’m not sure what I must have looked like because I don’t have a picture and I wore a skirt over the cut-off leggings on the way to the beach, but I’m sure I looked pretty funny.  I went to the beach for goodness sakes.  Where was my bathing suit?  Where was my hutzpah?  Where was the nail polish that should have been on my toes??  I don’t know. I will have to do some hardcore soul searching to find the answers to these very Zen questions. 

Summer is coming soon and I can not have these issues or going to the beach is not going to be as enjoyable as it should be.  I should also really stop neglecting my toes because really, what kind of girl am I?  I am not a super girly girl, but I have always made it a point to take care of my feet. I’m sorry feet.  I promise to do better by you.  I have a few more months before I truly need to worry, but I just had to share the strange clothing and toe issues that arose today. 

I hope all of you had an equally enjoyable day.  And please don’t neglect your toes.




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2 responses to “Please Don’t Neglect Your Toes

  1. oh boy can i relate:) Have a great day

  2. Meg

    I loved it when you shuffled off to Buffalo down the beach!

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