Three Days of Easter

Today is Easter, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  I feel like we have had our Easter and now we are done.  I am wiped out.  Our Easter celebrations started on Friday when Jack and I went to Queens to color eggs with my mom and my neice and nephew.  This year’s egg coloring was much more successful than last year’s when we broke egg after egg.  We were definitely egg challenged last year.  But this year we were prepared to save the eggs and not have to make extra trips to the grocery store to buy more.  Below is a shining example of just how successful we were.  Aren’t they pretty?  Eleven of those eggs are still sitting in my refrigerator.  Although it is Easter I have not hid a single egg for my little Jack to find.

Jack has been on, what seems like, an endless string of egg hunts this past week.  At this point one more would simply seem pointless.  His first egg hunt was held outside at his weekly playgroup.  Parents hid really cute plastic eggs filled with different treats like goldfish and animal crackers.  It was a big hit.  Next, was the egg hunt at my mom’s house.  More plastic eggs, this time filled with jellybeans, were hidden around her house.  Jack and his cousin found them all and proceded to ingest every jellybean in sight.  Finally, there was the egg hunt at my Aunt Eileen’s house.  Even more plastic eggs were filled with jellybeans and hidden around her front yard.  Jack had a blast and found every egg and, I’m pretty sure, ate every jellybean.  

The amount of sugar this boy has eaten makes my head spin.  We are not big on candy in our house.  We are not opposed to it, but we don’t give Jack candy everyday and certainly not the amounts that he has consumed in the past few days, this morning included.  So, this is what Easter has become.  Tons of fake eggs filled with candy and ridiculous amounts of chocolate given by wonderful, generous, well-meaning, loving people.

Jack has recieved a couple of Easter baskets this year.  One basket came from my mom and was beautiful. There, of course, was candy and treats, but also a book and a football.  Jack loved it.  The Easter Bunny also left him a basket at our house with chocolate and a toy microphone.  Easter baskets have changed since I was a child.  When I was a kid my brother and I shared on basket and one chocolate bunny.  There were lots of chocolate eggs and jellybeans and of course the eggs that we so carefully dyed ourselves.  There were no plastic eggs.  When did these plastic eggs begin appearing?  They are everywhere.  They have taken over Easter.  They are the lazyman’s Easter eggs.  And yes, I have a bunch in my house as well.

I am now off to help Jack eat some chocolate eggs before he eats them all himself.  I’m just being a good mom.  I can’t let him eat them all himself can I?

Happy Easter!


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