My Mini Review of The Runaways

I realize my last MomsenseNYC Facebook status was a bit misleading. I couldn’t help quoting a wonderful Joan Jett song “Bad Reputation” because I did make it to the theater today to see it and that status update made it seem like I was going to talk all about Joan Jett. Sorry. That’s what this post is for.

I was pretty excited to be out of the apartment on my own and even more excited to be going to see a movie. Was I super psyched to be going to see The Runaways? Not really. I wanted to see it, but I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. And….I wasn’t.

The story of Joan Jett’s beginning with The Runaways was a great idea. I’ll admit that I have never had a real hunger to learn about Joan Jett’s early years as a musician, but I was curious. I was born in 1972 and missed the 70’s Joan Jett. I do remember the 80’s Joan Jett, but never felt truly affected by her music except for the fact that I seem to know most of the lyrics to her more popular songs.

I was even more curious to see Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of her. I am not a huge Kristen Stewart fan. I do think that she has talent however. Anyone who has seen the made for tv movie “Speak” cannot deny that Kristen Stewart can act, but most of the characters she plays are kind of quirky and have this strange “I’m super uncomfortable being me” characteristic. Joan Jett was definitely not uncomfortable being herself.

I think that Kristen Stewart had moments during the film where she “let go” or “let her hair down” or truly forgot that she had cameras on her and began to actually act. But there were so many more uncomfortable moments when Kristen was still being Kristen (I think) and not Joan. It wasn’t until the last 30 minutes of the film that I saw her really fall into the character.

Dakota Fanning on the other hand was quite shocking. She absolutely stole the movie. What I couldn’t stop thinking during the entire movie was how beautiful she had become and how grown-up she was. Gone was the little girl with the space between her teeth and the braces. Dakota Fanning was pretty convincing as Cherie Currie the lead singer of The Runaways whose battle with addiction ended her rock star career pretty early on and caused her to leave the band after only making three albums.

The main storyline in the movie definitely was the rise and fall of Dakota’s character Cherie Currie. It completely overshadowed Joan Jett’s story and it made you feel like the movie should have been titled “Cherie Currie and the The Runaways”. I really wished for a more in depth look at how Joan Jett came up with the lyrics to her songs and more personal information about her life and what drove her to become a rocker.

All in all the movie felt pretty long. I enjoyed the scenes where the band was performing and the girls did a great job singing. I did find myself moving in my seat with the music, but come on it’s Joan Jett. She is a great song writer and it is so obvious why her music is so well known. What I think I will remember from this movie is Dakota Fanning’s performance. No offense Kristen Stewart. You did wear your eye liner well and your hair was spot on.

Will I Netflix The Runaways? Probably not. But in some ways I did enjoy it. I’m just happy I only paid the matinee price.



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