A day off! A day off! I am getting a day off! Please excuse me while I do a little dance. {{**}}***///\\\{{}} OK, I’m done. Thanks for waiting.

Today Jack and Dan are off to Queens to visit his parents and I have half the day to myself. I know that this has happened in the past, but I never properly take advantage of the time I get off. I usually spend my time laying on the couch watching The Doctors and worrying that the pain in my leg is definitely cancer. Then I move on to Rachel Ray and wind up getting so hungry that I eat all the leftovers from the night before. I then top off the morning with The View and spend the hour yelling at Elisabeth and rolling my eyes every time Barbara Walters rolls hers. My time off has also been spent washing giant sinks of dishes consisting of many glasses and plastic cups with plastic straws.

By the time I actually get the motivation to take a shower my husband is typically calling to tell me that he has just crossed the bridge and will be home in mere minutes. Agghhh. I then race to shower or skip it entirely and quickly dress in wrinkled clothes that I pull out of my dresser at the last minute. We then drive around while Jack sleeps in his carseat. That kid takes the best naps in the car. Put him in his bed. Nope. No nap.

Today though, I will not lay on the couch. I will not wash a dish or fold laundry or clean the toilet. I am going to shower at a reasonable hour and get out of the apartment before noon.

I am going to the movies. That’s the plan. The movies and a stop in Barnes & Nobles to leisurely browse the new paperbacks. The Runaways, the story of Joan Jett, starts at 11:15 at Lincoln Square and I will be there with my giant popcorn, that I won’t finish and my super large Cherry Coke, that I will also not finish. I will sit in the 4th row and put my feet up and sigh a wonderful “I’m at the movies sigh.” Sigh………

Yes! I have the day off.


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