Some Things I Learned Today

1. Make sure you always have yogurt in the fridge or at least some other breakfast alternative.

2. Don’t wait until 9:50 to prepare a snack, get your child dressed, put on your shoes, and change a poopie diaper when the playgroup starts at 10:00.

3. Always bring a ball with you.

4. Don’t try too hard with other mom’s.

5. Bring extra toilet paper or at least baby wipes…for you not your child.

6. Don’t cut in line for the swings.

7. Everyone deserves a chance to blow bubbles.

8. It’s sometimes ok to eat some soap.

9. Ignore the tantrum, especially if you live in a walk-up.

10. Not everyone likes tuna fish.

11. Share your snack.

12. Bring a juice box.

13. Always pack extra cars.

14. Don’t forget to bring chalk.

15. You can get a sunburn even in March.

16. Turn off the t.v.


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