Oh (212) I Will Miss You

After 16 years I have said good-bye to my darling (212). 8( It broke my heart and I am so unbelievably sad to see it go, but it was time. I don’t think I could ever truly describe how hard it was to make this decision and then to actually go forward with it, but I did. I am no longer a (212).

I recently wrote a post called What Kind of New Yorker Are You? and I would like to add that I think you are a New Yorker when you are a (212). I felt pretty confident with the decision to let it go, but as the night wears on I am realizing the finality of what I have just done. I am no longer a (212). Oh my god! I am a (646). That’s it.

Well, I am actually a (917), but if I ever wanted to use my home phone again I would wind up being a (646). I really need to just move on. The more I think about it the more I am second guessing myself and there is no going back.

I was once a (718) and then I became a (203). After that I was a (305). That was cool. I really liked being a (305). But I have loved being a (212) more than any of the others. Good times. Good times.

Good-bye (212) my love. I’m sorry that there aren’t enough of you to go around. Mabye we will meet again.


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