Hi My Name is Jeanie and I am a Pajama Addict

It’s true. My name IS Jeanie and I AM a pajama addict. It has taken me a long time to come to grips with this problem, but I am finally ready to confront my addiction head on. I buy way too many pairs of pajamas, not just for myself, but for my son. There I said it. I’ve tried to ignore the problem. I’ve tried to justify it. Hell, I’ve even lied about it.
Like most addictions I didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. It started off innocently enough. I would go to Old Navy and they would have pajama pants on sale and I would have to buy them. Then I would go into the children’s section and they would have infant pj’s on sale and I would have to buy them. Then I would wander into Children’s Place and wouldn’t you know it, they too would have pj’s on sale and I would have to buy them as well. As I write this it sounds like I have more of a shopping addiction than a pajama addiction, but I only feel compelled to buy pj’s no other items of clothing. OK…underwear, but that’s a whole other post.
I just love pajamas. They are so comforting and soft and wonderful. I love having choices and I love knowing that I have more than one clean pair available to me a time. Since having my son two and a half years ago I have transferred my love of pajamas to my love of little guy pajamas.
I love footsie pj’s! What kid doesn’t look ridiculously adorable in footsie pj’s? The also seem to always be on sale somewhere or maybe that’s just a ploy to get suckers like me to buy more. Now that I think about it every time I have gone to Carter’s the footsie pj’s are 50% off. Hmmm. Yeah that’s definitely a scam. The regular price is $20 bucks and who really wants to pay $20 bucks for a pair of pj’s that you kid is just going to grow out of in a couple of months. But $10 bucks Oh Yeah! I say. Bring it on. I will buy them.
That’s where the problem lies. I keep buying them. My son currently has five pairs of pj’s in his size. He is only wearing one pair. The alien pj’s. The favorite alien pj’s. When I bought them he already had 3 pairs and truly did not need another pair, but I bought them. And then when I got home I hid them. Then I eventually pulled them out and my husband asked about them and then I lied and said that they were 75% off. Yeah right. Try 50% off. The point is I am lying about pajamas. How ridiculous. I still sometimes buy clearance pajamas at Old Navy, bring them home, hide them and then lie about the price of them when I finally wear them. Then I feel guilty. It’s a vicious cycle. But it does resemble an addiction though. I am not trying to make light of all of the serious addictions that exist in the world, but I can’t help comparing my silly addiction to pajamas to the pattern that exists among addicts.
So I will now end this ridiculous post with what I consider to be a great mantra and a serious tool for many addicts, The Serenity Prayer.


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