After stalling and whining and ok let’s be fair a little light yelling, I actually was able to get out of the apartment today. Applause please. No? Ok. I know. I know. It should not be such a big deal that I got out of the apartment today, but it was to me.

I have had a bit of a tough week and I have finally brushed the nasty dust off of my shoulders and have decided to move on. So, getting out of the apartment today was like a goal for myself. My pain body, as Eckhart Tolle would say, was trying to keep me locked up. But no more I say!!! Out into the world I will go. Into the dank, stinky, underbelly of NYC I go. Yeah…that’s more like it. The old Jeanie is back!!

With cookies and vanilla milk and a couple of diapers in my bag my son and I headed out to the Museum of Natural History. Not the healthy snack I envisioned, but so what? Don’t judge. Sure I procrastinated so long that it was actually 11am only an hour and a half before Jack’s nap, but so what. We were going on an adventure and no schedule was going to stop us.

I felt so proud as the C train pulled to a stop at the 81st Street stop. I let Jack take his time to look at all of the cool mosaics and fossils on the walls and then we left the subway and stepped into the museum and our adventure began. I did it. We made it. We did not spend another lame morning wandering around the apartment playing with the same old stuff.

I wonder where our next adventure will take us. Somewhere cool I hope.


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