Do You Think I’ll Make It?

Yuck. It is dark and cloudy and drizzly outside. A trip to the playground will not be too exciting and I don’t want to go for a ride somewhere in the car and lose my awesome parking spot that is good for tomorrow’s alternate side of the street rules.

I know that I should be a good mom and get my son dressed and ready for the day. For goodness sakes it’s 9am and I still haven’t even changed his diaper from last night. Sigh… At least breakfast has been eaten and cleaned up. Ok! No more sitting around. I must get up and get Jack and myself dressed. I just don’t wanna!!!! It’s such a stay in your pj’s kind of day.

I must snap out of it and get up. I will be productive. I will pack healthy, yet delicious snacks and take my son on a fun adventure. I would really like to jump on the subway and hit up the Museum of Natural History. I’m sure it will be packed with tourists on a rainy day like today, but I think I can handle it.

10 mins later….

Ok. I am dressed and Jack is halfway there. I am hesitant to fully dress him until the morning poop arrives. All you mommies know what I mean. It’s got to be soon. The boy has had a big bowl of oatmeal and a banana and his vitamins. Come on poop!

I can’t believe I just said that. What has happened to me? I am sitting around waiting for poop to come. hahahaha. It is kind of funny. I wonder how long I will have to wait. Maybe I don’t really want to go to the museum and I’m using poop as an excuse. It’s a pretty good one if you ask me. No one wants to be stuck on the subway with a stinky two year old. I’ll just give him a few more minutes.

15 mins later…

Well, my neighbor stopped by and it is now 10:15 and I am no closer to leaving than I was before. We still have no poop and Jack is still not wearing pants. Sesame Street is on and Jack is laying on the couch. He is eating a big piece of chocolate that he must have gotten out of the refrigerator. I really should hide that stuff. Oh my.

Alright, I am going to put on some make-up and brush my hair and hope for some action to get us moving. I know I can do it. At least I hope I can and if I don’t there’s always tomorrow.


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