Jack: Why is it light outside Mommy?

Mommy: It is light because the Moon has gone to sleep and the Sun has woken up.

Jack: Why did the Sun wake up Mommy?

Mommy: Because it slept all night long.

Jack: Why did it sleep all night long Mommy?

Mommy: It slept all night long because it was very tired.

Jack: Why was it so tired Mommy?

Mommy: The Sun worked very, very hard shining down on everybody and everything.

Jack: Why does it shine on everybody and everything Mommy?

Mommy: The Sun shines on us to make us happy and healthy. The Sun must love us a lot to want to shine on us all day. We are very lucky.

Jack: Why are we lucky Mommy?

Mommy: We are lucky because the Sun loves us and guess what? I love you too?

Jack: Why Mommy?


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