Morning Routine…Everyday

6:05am Wake up to son yelling, “Grandma! Grandma!” Ignore the yelling, wish Grandma were here, and hope son goes back to sleep.
6:10am Quiet. Ahhh. Maybe son has actually gone back to sleep.
6:11am Son now yelling, “Mommy! Mommy!” Wish again that Grandma were here.
6:12am Drag my tired body to the bathroom and then my son’s room.
6:13am Calmly explain that it is still dark outside and everyone everywhere is still sleeping. Tell son to lay back down.
6:14am Lay down on extra bed in son’s room. Close eyes.
6:14am Son jumps up and insists that it is light outside and that he be taken out of his crib. Give son a flashlight and a book and tell him to read.
6:15am Son finishes book and again insists that it is light outside and that he be taken out of his crib. Calmly explain that the streetlight is still on outside and that it is not time to get up yet.
6:16am Lay back down on bed. Enjoy a moment of quiet.
6:17am Son is jumping up and down in the crib yelling, “It’s light outside! It’s light outside!” It’s not.
6:18am Give up entirely and take son out of his crib.
6:19am Sit at bedroom window with son watching the cars and buses drive by.
6:30am Receive big hugs and kisses from son.
6:31am Realize how peaceful and beautiful the morning actually is and how special this moment is with my son. I can sleep anytime, but this only lasts for a short period.
6:32am Give son huge kiss and tell him I love him. He kisses me back and says he loves me. I love our morning routine.


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