Snow Day Do-Over

Well, luck must have been on my side because I actually managed to get off of my butt, out of my pajamas, and out of the house. It only took about two hours to get Jack changed out of his pj’s and into three layers of clothes and into his snowsuit and snow boots. Two hours and about twenty five, “Come here Jack’s!”.

Thankfully we were super lucky to have our good friends Iris and Nico join us in our adventure into the Blizzard of 2010. Having them come out with us made the journey so much more special. Jack just absolutely adores Iris and Nico is truly a best friend. The boys were adorable dressed in so many clothes that they looked double their size and each wore an animal hat on top of their winter hats. Too cute.
When we got outside we plopped them onto their sleds and headed out to Bennett Park. By the way, Bennett Park does not have any hills at all. I know that part of my Snow Day Do-Over was to go sledding, but I figured that pulling Jack to the park on the sled counted as something. He didn’t realize that sledding involved hills so he was quite happy with me pulling him really fast all around the park.
I have to say my favorite part of the day was building a snowman with Iris. I grew up building snowmen. I am not good at it, but I have had some experience. Iris is from the Dominican Republic so needless to say, she did not grow up building snowmen. We had a blast. OK our snowman was only two feet tall and it’s face looked a little scary and the hay that we used for hair made the snowman look slightly evil. But it was our snowman. I’d like to say that the boys helped us build it, but they were too busy playing in the snow and then too busy trying to destroy our poor scary snowman.
It was nice to feel like a kid again. I guess that’s one of the joys of having kids. If I didn’t have Jack I don’t know if I would have left the apartment. I probably would have stayed inside and watched The View and fell asleep on the couch. I am so glad that is not how things worked out. Although the sleep part does sound pretty good.

Another favorite part of this wonderful snow day was when Jack called Nico his brother. He was sledding and then began crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said with a sob that he wanted his brother. I pointed out that he didn’t have a brother. (Was this a hint or something?) He immediately said that he wanted Nico, his brother. I quickly brought him over to Nico and these two sweet little boys hugged and Jack was immediately calmed. I never knew such special friendships could occur between such young people. It just made me want to cry.
When we were thoroughly soaked and tired we plopped the boys back on the sled and headed back to our building. After we got home and Jack got out of his boots and snow pants he promptly walked into the arm of a chair and cried for fifteen minutes and then fell asleep. There were no pancakes, but there was fun and friends and great memories. Oh…and a really scary snowman.

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