It is finally snowing here in NYC and I have been waiting all winter for the moment that I could dress up Jack in his snowsuit and head out into the snow with his sled.
The sled had been purchased way back in December when we had a pseudo-snow day. By the time we got outside most of the sidewalk had already been salted and the snow was melted and I wound up carrying the huge sled while Jack walked next to me asking why we couldn’t go sledding. It was a pretty sad moment and not at all what I had planned.
I then thought that we could go to Fort Tryon Park and go sledding there. Brilliant!!! Well if any of you have ever walked with a 2 1/2 year old you know that a block can seem like a mile, two miles if you are carrying a giant sled with you. We made it about 3 blocks before Jack decided that it was his responsibility to shovel the sidewalk in front of the Dry Cleaners. No problem, I just sat on the sled and watched him go at it.

When he was done I thought we could go and get some pancakes. Back in my pre-baby days I always braved the snow and trekked over to Artie’s on Broadway and had a big stack of pancakes while watching the snow outside.

I was quite excited to share this experience with Jack. There were a couple of differences however. One, I now live in Washington Heights and Artie’s is too far to visit for a quick stack of pancakes. Two, I now have a 2 1/2 year old with me. And three, I was carrying a giant wet sled. Needless to say, no one was excited to see us as we crammed into the small diner on 187th street on that cold Sunday. It was quite the disaster. First, they made me walk through the crowd to put our sled in the bathroom, then they gave away my table while I was doing this, and finally, Jack wiped out on their wet floor while I was angrily going to retrieve the sled I put in the bathroom before we left in a huff. Not exactly as I planned.

So, here we are today and the snow is falling really hard. I’ve waited for this day. Let’s call it a do-over snow day. This time I will make it special. We will get to the park and if we can’t go out to eat pancakes I will make them at home. We will make a snowman and make snow angels. It will be awesome!!!

It’s a great plan. Now all I have to do is get up off my butt and out of my pajamas and actually take my little guy outside. I hope I can make it that far. Wish me luck.

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